Blue Cranes and other big birds are often found dead or injured in the Overberg.

When our birds are threatened by power line collisions, collisions with wind turbines, poisonings, and other man-made risks, the Overberg Crane Group wants to know.


So please get in touch with us if you find dead birds below power lines, turbines, and in what may look like poisoning cases. Getting the information helps us to better understand the challenges the birds face, and how bird populations are being impacted by these threats.

It’s vital to stop illegal capture and illegal trade of threatened birds in the Overberg. But authorities can’t act if they don’t know about these cases. That’s why the Overberg Crane Group staff need to be informed, to help prevent these illegal practices.

We help injured birds by assisting them to rehabilitate if at all possible. Where birds can’t be rehabilitated back to the wild, we connect with partners to help give birds a second chance.


Just because it’s a lockdown in #SouthAfrica, that doesn’t mean that our threatened birds should be ignored.

So if you should come across an injured or dead bird (such as a #BlueCrane or Denham’s Bustard) as a result of a power line collision or other incident in the #Overberg (you may come across such an incident while farming on your property), please contact our Extension Officer, Christie Craig. She can provide advice over the phone to you.

If you come across a poisoning incident, it’s vital to also contact Christie urgently for follow-up action.


Contact Christie Craig. Email:; or Tel. 066 289 5988.