Join the 2020 Overberg 150km challenge 


The annual Overberg 150km challenge is underway – and you’re invited to join. 


The challenge invites birders to see how many bird species you can log in the Overberg over the course of 2020. The challenge area is a 150km circumference around the most southerly tip of Africa (the centre of the circle is at the southernmost tip).

The challenge is hosted on the birding app, BirdLasser. And the results are used by Birdlife South Africa to support conservation efforts, as well as by the Overberg Crane Group and our partners, the Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area and the Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust.

The 2019 Overberg Challenge resulted in a number of very special sightings. 

A total of 337 bird species were
identified in the year. 

374 Blue Cranes 

79 Denham’s Bustards

54 Black Harriers 

29 Southern Black Korhaan 

26 Secretarybirds 

20 Cape Vultures 

And just 8 Hottentot Buttonquail were identified in the course of the challenge.

Other unique sightings in the year included:

• Cape Eagle-Owl

• Lark-like Bunting

• African Grass Owl

• Amur Falcon

• Marsh Owl

The top birders for 2019 were: 

Keir Lynch (with 269 species) – Keir is also the Chair of the OCG
Andrew de Blocq with 239 species
And Stanislav Novotny with 237 species.

Congratulations to them. 


And our thanks to EVERYONE who has participated, and who continue to participate in the challenge. The information collected is vital in supporting ongoing conservation efforts in the Overberg, and every species logged is important. Thank you!

Image credit: Heather Dalton, LoveGreen Communications