We’ll be running a new awareness programme on the threatened birds species found in the Overberg. The aim? To showcase the need to protect these species and their habitats.

The Overberg region is recognised as playing a key role in the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems. The fynbos and renosterveld ecosystems and the species they support are recognised globally as biodiversity hotspots and world heritage sites.

So their representation in the Overberg is a joy for any nature lover.

BirdLife South Africa has identified many Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas within South Africa.  23 of the sites occur within the boundaries of the Western Cape. Seven of these are found within the Overberg.

This shows the importance of the Overberg towards the conservation of threatened birds and the habitats they rely on.

The threats to natural systems are the same throughout the world – habitat loss and transformation impact on the species that have made these ecosystems their home. However, the species that are impacted on are not the same across the globe. So it’s critical to protect the local natural habitats that support the specialised species found here.

Our focus falls on species and their habitats

The Overberg Crane Group awareness programme will focus on specific species, the habitat they call home, the threats they face and the conservation projects in place that work to protect them.

From March we’ll launch regular features on selected species. As we‘re the Overberg Crane Group, the first species of focus will be the Blue Crane.


To support the Overberg Crane Group in any of our work, please contact Mick D’Alton at donate@bluecrane.org.za.